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Driving the Dunkeld-Mitchell road in early 2013 (photo: Chris Jones)
Driving the Dunkeld-Mitchell road in early 2013 (photo: Chris Jones)

This is the website of Derek Barry, a Queensland-based blogger for over 15 years and an editor and journalist for the last 10. I had four happy years in Roma, Western Queensland and am now the editor of the newspaper in Mount Isa after two years working for newspapers in the Lockyer Valley and Dalby. I have a masters in journalism from QUT and am (very slowly) writing a book about My Treaty, the need to acknowledge the end of the long war between black and white Australia, as seen from the perspective of a pale white immigrant.

I was born in Waterford, Ireland in 1964 and have lived in Australia since 1988, Oaths are important to Irish people, and I was more used to swearing at the Queen then on her, so I was pleased to become an Australian citizen in 1994 when Paul Keating removed her from the oath of allegiance.

I started blogging in October 2005 as an experiment during my Open University Bachelor of Communications degree. The name Woolly Days came out of the Wooloowin suburb where I own a home in Brisbane. I was quickly hooked to blogging and still love it despite competing attentions, though it is not updated as frequently of late. In 2014 the blog was selected for preservation by the State Library of Queensland.

To view posts earlier than 20 February 2009 see the Google blogger version of Woolly Days

I have a near namesake called Derrick Barry who is apparently the world’s foremost Britney Spears impersonator. I only sing in the shower where it’s not a good idea to wear drag or any other clothes.

I can be found on Twitter and Instagram @derekbarry or email at derek_barryATyahoo.com&&& (without the ampersands but with the at sign).

7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Derek, just saw your part on the blogg, is that right.
    Very interested about your report on my forthcoming book. ‘The Flight of a Magpie’. It will be launched on the 28th of April in Waterford city in the Granville Hotel at 8.00pm.
    The legendary former captain Bob Moncur is coming form Newcastle for the launch.
    Do I know you or your family backround, or where did you live in waterford.
    Keep in touch
    Billy Costine

    1. Billy,

      I’m not sure if we ever met. But its possible, as my best friend in Waterford since school days is your fellow Newcastle supporter Kevin Daly.

      Best of luck with the launch, I’m afraid I won’t be able to get there but I’m sure it’ll be a great night


  2. Derek,

    Your article re Darren Lockyer’s Roma visit has been added to the RLCM News. Please feel free to continue advising RLCM.

    I was out there in ’94 to see him play, unfortunately he was away with the State U14s or 15s [?]. But we had a good time with Peter Flynn. We are printing the Zone 4 Schoolboy programme for next weekend being held on the Gold Coast, which Ray Bruton is involved with, maybe another Lockyer might be found.


    Gary Roberts

  3. Hi, dropped by during family history research: A young fella with the name of Waldron doing a building job for me in Fernvale, and I said we could be cousins, so whilst he is hammering, I find we share common dna in a tiny village in Worcestershire UK! Nail Makers for hundreds of years. One Alfred Waldon got away and after incredible journey went gold-digging in Victoria and then in a wagon found ROMA.
    He had lots of labourers to prosper with a dairy farm – 17 children with 2 wives? Planted grapes, opened a wine shop – very entrepeneurial. Why I tell you this is because reading your blogs, one can’t help but think that it is only by the dispossession of the native population our working-class ancestors got to purchase their own land and develop their potential.
    Lest we forget indeed. Blood and human sacrifice.
    Look forward to more.

  4. Derek, I`m researching the presence of pygmies in Australia and their possible role in the settlement of Australia. While the main pocket of their tribes was in the Lake Barrine Area of NQ, Willie McKenzie (Gaiarbau) spoke of the Dinderi in the Mt Archer area, but historians have questioned the veracity of his stories. I`m trying to cross-check by a report that Meston brought a pygmy or pygmies into Woodford (Durundur) reserve. Have you any info on this action of Meston?

    1. No and historians like Gordon Reid that research Meston in detail make no mention of it. There may be small tribes in some areas but all pre-1788 Australians have the same genetic background and all descend from the same people that came across from SE Asia 55-45 kya. There is no evidence to support African pygmies or Wadjak Man (Javanese) in Australia – in fact the later find post-dates Lake Mungo.

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